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Brand leaders rely on marketing databases to reach target audiences and grow their business; and for 30+ years, not much has changed. Started by the founders of the “cooperative” database industry, Path2Response was built on the premise; “There has to be a better way.”

Today, we deliver high-impact audiences built upon real-world data, such as online and offline spending and browsing behaviors. The end result? Campaigns that outperform expectations of other audience providers.


your results and broaden your reach.

Our streamlined, world-class model uses real-world offline and online data to power high-performing marketing campaigns.


Providing powerful data for your brand.

Whatever your industry, our data can extend your reach and increase your revenue.

Meet the next generation of audience creation.

Multichannel View

Online and offline spending patterns and behaviors shape our dataset, identifying key signals that other data providers miss.

Modern Modeling

Our machine learning-powered approach is straightforward and unique: one model, thousands of iterations, and billions of data points.

Performance Driven

Path2Response’s track record of success is built on a foundation of breakthrough innovations. Consistent success drives our 97% client retention rate.

Digital intent data boosts ROI.

Consumers live a digital life. Shouldn’t your marketing audiences reflect that? Capture digital intent with our website tag to:

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Success Stories

We help brands drive audience response.

Eco-Conscious Apparel Brand Ignites Sales and Sowed the Seeds of Loyalty
Eco-Conscious Apparel Brand Ignites Sales and Sowed the Seeds of Loyalty Path2Ignite boosted efficient, targeted marketing beyond catalog drops Challenge A leading eco-conscious apparel brand, faced a unique challenge in balancing their commitment to sustainability with the need to drive incremental growth. Relying on frequent catalog mailings (8-10 times per year), they sought a solution […]
Intimate Apparel Brand Ignites Customer Loyalty and Creates Lifetime Lovers
Intimate Apparel Brand Ignites Customer Loyalty and Creates Lifetime Lovers Path2Ignite fueled a new marketing engine for sustainable growth and increased returns. Challenge A well-established specialty retailer of women’s intimates, faced a dual challenge: escalating digital advertising costs were eroding their return on investment (ROAS), while they also sought innovative ways to drive incremental growth […]
Performance Driven Direct Mail
Active Footwear Retailer Steps Toward Measurable Revenue Growth
Our client, a specialty footwear brand, relied heavily on its catalog for customer acquisition. Their primary marketing approach centered on mailing seasonal catalogs, but rising costs associated with printing, paper, and postage made it increasingly difficult to achieve the desired ROI.
Performance Driven Direct Mail
High-end Home Decor Brand Reignites Post-Pandemic Growth
Luxury home furnishings brand achieves lasting impact with personalized campaigns reviving lapsed buyers and attracting new customers with Path2Ignite.
Brand Sprouts Sustainable New Growth
Retail Brand Sprouts Sustainable New Growth Emerging women’s clothing brand sees incredible sustainable new growth Path2Acquisition audience.
Direct to Consumer
Reactivate In-Market Customers
Optimize your site visitors and identify your most ‘response-ready’ active or lapsed customers, based on their real-world buying behavior.
Direct to Consumer
Footwear Steps Forward with Increased Sales
Shoe catalog achieves performance, consistency and scale with Path2Acquisition
Nonprofit Incorporated Connected TV
Nonprofit Incredible Growth Using A Multi-touch Approach for a Nonprofit by incorporating Connected TV Path2Response delivers 21% Lift to a Nonprofit by Adding Connected TV to their Direct Mail Outreach CHALLENGE Bolster direct mail A nonprofit client was looking to bolster their direct mail program with other channels of outreach including connected TV. Considering there […]
High-Performing Audience Landscape for Sustainable Outdoor Brand
Path2Acquisition custom intent audience performs big for an up-and-coming outdoor apparel brand. We help brands reach new responsive audiences.
Political Campaign Claims Victory with Audience Expansion Breakthrough
Strategic audience expansion approach reveals large additional universe scale, enabling rapid rollout to mobilize voters and fund critical midterm election races.
Site Visitor Data Helps PAC Boost Both Response Rate & Average Gift
Focused on growth marketing efforts, our Path2Acquisition model provided exceptional results across multiple campaigns, including gains in both Response Rate and Average Gift.
Legal Rights Organization Increases New Donor Pool
Seeking help to build out their donor acquisition program, our precision-targeted test yields outstanding performance gains, unlocking significant new donor growth.
Humanitarian Aid Organization Expands Donor Pool
Custom-modeled donor audience delivers breakthrough performance and scale, enabling international nonprofit to support its global mission.
Health Advocacy Organization Gains New Source of Donors
Find a reliable donor source to engage. With audience expansion testing, identify new donors that deliver performance and substantial scale to feed ongoing prospecting efforts.
Amazing Growth for Faith-Based Mission
Nonprofit enjoys breakthrough new donor results in its first campaign using Path2Acquisition custom audience creation.
Fundraising Breakthrough for Global Health Support Organization
The Path2Response database includes robust donation and transaction histories for hundreds of millions of US consumers. Improve response rate with data-driven solutions.
Faith-Based Organization Grows Membership
Custom-modeled prospecting audience delivers exceptional new member growth and solid ROI. Reach responsive donors that fit the needs of your organization.
Faith-Based Org Rejoices in Growth Revealed by Audience Expansion Testing
Strategic audience expansion plan unlocks substantial new audience reach, fueling growth in donors and feeding the organization’s mission.
Major Nonprofit Boosts Giving and Response
The Path2Response database includes millions of individual donation records across nonprofit organizations. This massive dataset helps identify the optimal audience segments.
Mission Sustains Support Through Strategic Audience Expansion Testing
High-value, responsive donors identified by audience expansion testing plan over multiple campaigns, creating a scalable, sustainable universe.
Exceptional New Donor Growth for Women’s Health & Advocacy Group
Path2Acquisition leverages the full scope of multichannel donor behavior in our dataset of 100s of millions of US households to help you achieve acquisition goals.
Dazzling Results for Iconic Multichannel Jeweler
With the goal of new customer growth, our Path2Acquisition model leverages site visitor data to identify custom intent audiences and reach responsive segments.
Home Decor Brand Builds Spacious Room for Growth
This custom-built Path2Acquisition model enabled the client to achieve their objective for aggressive scale to fuel rapid new customer acquisition.
Home Decor Brand Gets 96% Boost in Response Rate
Identify new high value prospects that drive meaningful brand growth with the Path2Acquisition model. Buy consumer data and reach response-ready shoppers.
Unique Audiences Lead to Holiday Season Success
Gift-focused retailer targets custom-built audiences to drive new buyer growth at scale. Successfully reach responsive audiences with our data-driven solutions
Holiday Season Sparkles for Boutique Jewelry Brand
Attract a niche market through enhanced customer acquisition strategies with Path2Response. Identify profitable audiences with consumer behavioral data.
High-End Home Furniture Retailer Gains Customer Volume
Multiple website tags allowed this brand to identify potential new customers for personalized marketing campaigns that create high brand value and superior ROI.
High-End Brand Gets 100%+ Response Rate Boost
After identifying previously unknown site visitors with our website tag, this clients response rate improved by up to 165% across multiple campaigns.
Golf Apparel Retailer Beats Par For The Course
Find the right audience for maximum impact with Path2Response. This niche retailer is looking to drive growth by using direct mail to acquire new customers.
Gardening Retailer Grows by Acquiring New Customers with High Value
Based on consumer purchase data, our Path2Acquisition solution for prospecting audiences identified high performing customers with strong lifetime value.
Eco-Friendly Brand Sprouts Sustainable New Growth
Emerging women’s clothing brand gets a healthy boost across all performance indicators with Path2Acquisition audience. Generate new customer volume and superior ROI.
Renowned Publishing Brand Achieves Massive Success
Precision-focused new subscriber prospecting audiences unlock substantial reach coupled with consistently superior performance.
Custom-Built Audience Delivers Circulation Surge
Major national Publisher opens a new chapter of growth with breakthrough results from uniquely-crafted subscriber acquisition audience.
Campaigns for Political Publisher Bring Victory
Our Path2Acquisition model solution based on behavioral data delivered exceptional performance, opening the doors for robust new subscriber growth.
Subscriber Growth Unleashed With Custom Model
Response-ready niche audiences identified through powerful, custom model for pet care publisher.
Home Services
Home Security Brand Expands Reach
The Path2Response team helped this client find new customers at the right time. We specialize in customer acquisition and can help you accomplish your expansion goals.
Insurance Brand Discovers New Universe
Path2Response leverages its insurance industry success and unique dataset to create custom-built prospect audiences for client.
New Subscriber Audience Adds Up For Investment Advisory
Path2Response creates tailor-made audience targeting response-ready investors, leading to solid growth in newsletter subscribers and new client conversion.
Direct to Consumer
Food Subscription Box Brand Enjoys Tasty Results
Successful test of custom-built audience sets the table for efficient new subscriber acquisition at scale. Path2Response specializes in customer acquisition.
Direct to Consumer
Subscription Box Brand Achieves Scalable Growth
Our data-driven solution fuels consistent monthly increases in new customers. e specialize in customer acquisition and can help you achieve your expansion goals.
Direct to Consumer
Strong Audience Delivers Boost for Supplement Supplier
Health & Wellness brand gets a big dose of sustained success with custom-tailored audiences that deliver high-quality, loyal new customers with lifetime value.

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