Renowned Publishing Brand Achieves Massive Success

Precision-focused new subscriber prospecting audiences unlock substantial reach coupled with consistently superior performance.


Identify a source of new subscribers.

This reputable publisher has established themselves as a trusted source of information for their millions of subscribers.

Sustaining and growing such a large user base requires a steady infusion of new subscribers.

Given the explosion of digital publications and increased availability of niche content, this client was focused on reaching super-targeted audiences that could deliver both efficient performance and maximum scale.


After consulting with the client to understand their specific challenges and objectives, we recommended our Path2Acquisition solution. It leverages our robust dataset of individual-level subscription and purchase signals to identify the optimal prospect audience, tailored to each client and campaign. 

In this case, we custom-configured the model to emphasize a combination of response (gross and net) along with maximum reach into qualified prospect segments.


Multi campaign success!

The client’s Path2Acquisition audiences delivered outstanding response rates (gross and net) across multiple campaigns. 

This has enabled the client to expand their subscriber growth efforts by repeatedly tapping into our custom-built, high-performing audiences. The client has enjoyed consistently exceptional results.

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