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High-End Home Furniture Retailer Gains Customer Volume

Path2Acquisition model delivers increased sales volume and superior ROI.


Create tailored campaigns for strategic growth.

A well-known luxury furniture and home decor brand with industry leading digital and catalog presence required sustained growth through new customer acquisition.

They were seeking a proven source for  untapped prospect audiences in order to drive predictable increases in 1st time buyers and revenue.

In this sector, identifying potential new customers for personalized marketing campaigns and create high brand value is an ongoing strategic challenge.


Given the client’s substantial website traffic, our team recommended the use of multiple website tags to enable identification of unknown site visitors and maximize the volume of new prospect names for customized modeling.

The client’s Path2Acquisition model integrated a comprehensive array of transactional and behavioral variables – along with a large volume of site visit data –  to yield a sizable audience, tailored to the client’s aggressive growth targets.


Increased customer acquisition!

Over the course of multiple campaigns, the power of the client’s Path2Aquisition model combined with site visitor data generated exceptional results that significantly increased customer acquisition.

Our client was thrilled to achieve ROI meeting their high standards and to enjoy a substantial gain in customer volume.

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