High-end Home Decor Brand Reignites Post-Pandemic Growth

Luxury home furnishings brand achieves lasting impact with personalized campaigns reviving lapsed buyers and attracting new customers with Path2Ignite.


Following a surge in growth during the Covid era, our client, a leading high-end home decor and furnishings brand sought to sustain their success and reactivate lapsed buyers who have fallen out of the buying cycle.
This client also needed to identify innovative opportunities to drive incremental growth within their robust omnichannel marketing platform between digital, direct mail, retail showrooms and acquire new customers to expand their reach.


Our team recommended Path2Ignite, a performance-driven direct mail solution to address the need for both customer reactivation and acquisition. Leveraging our unique site visitor identification capabilities, we enabled the client to target lapsed customers – particularly those who recently revisited the client’s website after their Covid-era purchases. This strategy effectively capitalized on renewed interest and re-engaged existing buyers.
Additionally, the client leveraged Path2Ignite to increase conversion rates for unknown prospects who visited their website, but did not buy. Combining Path2Ignite with our advanced analytics rich with co-op data, we built custom audiences tailored to the client’s needs.




RR Index 295
$/pc Index 306


RR Index 283
$/pc Index 357

Results Summary

Our performance driven direct mail solution, Path2Ignite, presented a fresh opportunity for the client to energize their existing customer base while steadily growing new customer volume, exceeding their growth goals.
Path2Ignite has become a key driver of incremental revenue within the client’s overall growth strategy.

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