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Gardening Retailer Expands Market Through High Value Customers

With an aggressive goal of acquiring new customers, our client challenged us to grow a loyal army of plant enthusiasts who’ll keep their gardening groove going for years to come, boosting that sweet housefile revenue.


Reach acquisition goals with new prospect audience.


Our client boasts the largest native plant collection for retail sales in the United States. This retailer caters to the needs of gardeners at all experience levels with a product offering focusing on seeds, plants, and gardening tools.

The client approached us with an aggressive goal of acquiring new customers with a focus on lifetime value in order to support ongoing housefile revenue growth. 

Given the client’s established marketing mix, our challenge was to identify a new source of potential buyers to meet their acquisition goals.


After consulting with the client, we recommended our custom-modeled Path2Acquisition solution tailored to the client’s targets. This solution for prospecting audiences, based on individual-level purchase data, has proven successful for similar clients.

We worked with the client to capture website visit data and further enhance the predictive power of their model.


Great growth!

The combination of the Path2Acquisition model and site visitor data yielded the highest response rate and $/bk across all sources, including several other co-ops.

With this success, the client expanded into deeper segments of the model in order to capture even more new, high performing customers.

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