Eco-Conscious Apparel Brand Ignites Sales and Sowed the Seeds of Loyalty

Path2Ignite boosted efficient, targeted marketing beyond catalog drops


A leading eco-conscious apparel brand, faced a unique challenge in balancing their commitment to sustainability with the need to drive incremental growth. Relying on frequent catalog mailings (8-10 times per year), they sought a solution to capitalize on impulse buys from their target audience during the gaps between catalogs. Their goals were two-fold:
  1. Increase Repeat Purchases: Encourage existing customers to buy again sooner by reigniting interest and highlighting new products or offers.
  2. Capture Highly Qualified Prospects: Convert first-time buyers who had shown interest and intent (through website visits, cart abandonment, etc.) into loyal customers.


Our team recommended Path2Ignite, a Performance Driven Direct Mail (PDDM) platform ideal for daily engagement with high-intent shoppers. We leveraged the brand’s robust website traffic and return visitor data to segment their housefile into Active and Lapsed buyer audiences. Additionally, we tapped into our unique co-op dataset and website tag capabilities to identify and model super-recent, highly qualified prospects.
Custom audiences were built within Path2Ignite, combining first-party website data with our proprietary co-op insights. Daily fulfillment of targeted postcard campaigns were executed through the client’s printer partner, ensuring next-day delivery for optimal impact.




5x ROAS for Active
3x for Lapsed buyers


RR Index 154
$/pc Index 159

Results Summary

Performance driven direct mail (PDDM) offers a data-driven, automated approach to complement and enhance existing marketing efforts. The client achieved significant incremental growth and a strong return on investment (ROI) across both their housefile and prospect audiences. Path2Ignite provided the ability to offer:
  • Target High-Intent Audiences: By leveraging real-time website data and co-op insights, Path2Ignite delivered hyper-relevant messages to customers most likely to convert.
  • Seamless Integration: PDDM seamlessly integrated with clients other marketing channels, creating a cohesive customer experience.
  • Quick Turnaround: Daily fulfillment ensured timely delivery of postcards, maximizing engagement and response rates.

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