High-End Brand Gets 100%+ Response Rate Boost

Path2Aquisition model produces response rate gains up to 165% across multiple campaigns.


Drive consistent growth.

This high-end women’s fashion brand, known for its unique blend of vintage and modern style, was eager to find a reliable, performance-driven source for new customer acquisition.

Specifically, they were looking to accelerate growth by bringing on high-quality new customers with solid lifetime value potential.

Brands in the luxury market often find it difficult to drive growth consistently. Our challenge was to provide this client with an audience combining performance, scale, and reliability over time.


Taking into account the client’s robust digital presence, we recommended the implementation of a website tag, enabling them to identify a consistent, sizable universe of previously unknown site visitors.

We integrated this site visitor data with comprehensive individual-level purchase and behavioral variables in order to build the client’s customized Path2Acquisition model.


Massive success!

The client’s Path2Acquisition audience outperformed other sources across six consecutive campaigns:

  • Holiday:  173 RR Index
  • January:  154 RR Index
  • February:  106 RR Index
  • March: 265 RR Index
  • April:  137 RR Index
  • June:  119 RR Index

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