Eco-Friendly Brand Sprouts Sustainable New Growth

Emerging women’s clothing brand gets a healthy boost across all performance indicators with Path2Acquisition audience.


Expand reach while meeting performance benchmarks..

This up-and-coming eco-friendly women’s clothing brand is continually on the lookout for unique sources that can help them sustain new customer growth.

Within their robust direct mail channel, it’s a challenge to find truly incremental prospecting universes that can meet well-established performance benchmarks.

Our team was eager to get to work building a one-of-a-kind solution that would fuel the client’s growth goals.


After an initial consultation and evaluation session with the client, we recommended our Path2Acquisition solution. It’s a custom-configurable model that leverages the full spectrum of individual-level purchase behavior in our dataset to yield the ultimate audience tailored to each client and campaign.

To further enhance the performance of the client’s audience, we integrated site visitor data captured through a tracking tag on the client’s website.


Postitive ROI!

The Path2Acquisition curated audience – enhanced with site visitor data – outperformed all other co-op prospecting sources.

Our client was thrilled to generate substantial new customer volume and superior ROI with our audience. We provided the:

  • Strongest $/Book among all sources
  • Strongest AOV among all sources
  • Second highest Response Rate among all sources

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