Nonprofit Faith-Based Organization

Faith-Based Organization Grows Membership

Custom-modeled prospecting audience delivers exceptional new member growth and solid ROI.

retention solution

Cost-effective donor acquisition.

Faith-based organizations rely on an engaged and thriving membership. 

This client has an active base of over 1 million members that support their mission-focused causes and programs.

Given their sizable base, the client was seeking a unique source to drive substantial new donor growth, while simultaneously delivering cost-effective performance.


After consulting with the client, we outlined a testing strategy using our Path2Acquisition solution. We created a customized model that specifically leveraged high-value responders that fit the characteristics of the client’s optimal donor profile.

In order to streamline a path to maximum scale, we also recommended an audience expansion testing approach that would quickly enable rollout to a universe of 100M names.


Positive impact!

The initial mailing and depth testing approach were a huge success! The audience expansion test revealed substantial additional scale, enabling the client to reach even more strong-performing new donors.

Initial mailing results:

  • Response Rate Index: 135
  • Income per Piece Mailed:  122

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