Mission Sustains Support Through Strategic Audience Expansion Testing

High-value, responsive donors identified by audience expansion testing plan over multiple campaigns, creating a scalable, sustainable universe.


Expand donor universe to find long-term donors.

Leading the fight for over a century against devastating, yet preventable and treatable diseases, this mission-based organization restores health and hope to those they serve.

From supporting hospitals to sending medical shipments to underserved regions around the world, donor engagement is mission critical for continued program support and growth.

Path2Response has demonstrated success in the nonprofit arena by implementing strategic audience expansion testing to provide the largest universe of likely to engage, long-term donors.

This organization was in good hands with our team committed to furthering their mission.


Understanding the breadth of the Path2Response dataset, our team consulted with the client to understand their immediate and ongoing campaign objectives. Given the client’s need for sustained response, we constructed a two-part audience expansion test proposal: 

  1. A baseline test panel was first tested to establish a well-performing core Path2Acquisition audience of potential donors with proven engagement history
  2. An audience expansion test panel to determine the client’s potential to immediately tap into substantial extra audience scale with acceptable performance

Our team designed the audience yield for the expansion test for the client to achieve an accurate view of the outcomes for the baseline panel vs. the expansion panel. 


Postitive ROI!

Mission success! Well-planned strategic audience expansion testing generated donor response worthy of progressing this client’s deserving objectives.

The baseline test panel and audience expansion test panel exceeded ROI beyond the client’s initial goal and indexed above other audience sources. 

Due to the strength of the audience expansion test the client has confidence in Path2Response’s proprietary modeling solution and testing capabilities. We’re excited to further expand their universe and increase donor acquisition.

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