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Specialty Retailer Super-charged customer engagement with uniquely powerful intent data

Our client’s active and lapsed customers were “raising their hands” every day when they visited their website.  

We helped them take advantage of those direct intent signals to drive lifetime value and reactivate customer relationships.

Reengage lapsed customers and donors
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Reach In-market Customers

In today’s market of needing to cut costs and effectively leverage direct mail, our client, a specialty retailer, was looking to boost repeat retail purchases and lifetime value from its housefile.

Additionally, as customer engagement and loyalty are essential to their highly competitive market space, our client wanted to reactivate their lapsed buyers.


The Path2Response team recommended our Path2Advantage solution which leverages the client’s existing website tag to identify housefile site visitors, score them and integrate the records within the client’s direct mail campaign.

The client’s active and lapsed customers that visited their website were captured via the existing site tag from Path2Response.  Path2Advantage optimized those site visits with our proprietary scoring algorithm and identified their most ‘response-ready’ customers, based on their real-world buying behavior. The client was able to target active customers to drive revenue and LTV and engaged lapsed customers to boost reactivation


3X Better


Historically, an average campaign for this client resulted in a 5% response rate. By leveraging the  Path2Advantage solution, our client had an overall 15% response rate from recent site visitors across ten segments. This is 3x better than what they received with previous mailing campaigns.

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