Dazzling Results for Iconic Multichannel Jeweler

Test and rollout strategy with custom-modeled Path2Acquisition audience delivers golden performance.


Identifying multichannel buyers for incremental growth.

This iconic jewelry brand has been reaching its target customers at brick-and-mortar locations, online, and via catalog for decades. 

Their key challenge is identifying new customers in each channel to drive incremental growth, even with a highly optimized marketing mix.

The client came to our team seeking a unique source for new customer growth that could deliver solid response as well as efficient ROI.


Given the emphasis on new customer growth, we recommended the client test our Path2Acquisition model as a first step for a quick, straightforward read on results and future potential.

In addition, we collaborated with the client to activate a website tag, which ensured that future audience modeling could benefit from the powerful intent signals derived from site visit data.


Postitive ROI!

The initial Path2Acquisition test achieved the client’s performance benchmarks and delivered solid results versus other audience sources.

The successful test opened the door for a significant rollout in subsequent campaigns. What’s more, the addition of site visit data enabled the client to dramatically increase circulation and reach to highly responsive target segments.

  • +1000% increase in target audience reach
  • +46% average response lift vs other audience sources

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