Golf Apparel Retailer Beats Par For The Course

Path2Acquisition model gives novelty golf apparel company a major win.

niche audience

Find the right audience for maximum impact.

This novelty golf apparel company is looking to drive growth by using direct mail to acquire new customers.

Acquiring high-quality new customers with solid long-term value potential is required by the client to support ongoing, consistent revenue growth.

The challenge presented to Path2Response by this niche retailer is to find the right audience resulting in a significant impact on their sales goals.


The client’s uniquely branded website attracts a wide mix of casual browsers in addition to focused shoppers. Given this diverse site visitor base, our team recommended adding a website tag to gather the data needed to optimize their custom model.

We then integrated this site visitor data with comprehensive individual-level purchase and behavioral variables in building the client’s Path2Acquisition model.


Positive showing!

The client’s Path2Acquisition modeled audience along with enhanced site visit data delivered superior results, outperforming the response rates of our competitors by more than 100%.

The new customers acquired also delivered solid average order value, driving huge $/book lifts vs. other sources.

The client now has a high-performing, ongoing source for new customers.

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