Subscription Box Brand Achieves Scalable Growth

Path2Acquisition solution fuels consistent monthly increases in new customers.

niche audience

Ten million subscription box deliveries annually.

This well-known, national company relied on a large volume of new customers each month to maintain their goal of ten millions boxes delivered annually.

Circulation of that volume makes reliable and consistent direct mail essential for multichannel new customer acquisition. 

Our challenge was to provide the client with prospecting audiences that would deliver strong performance month over month and at scale.


We recommended our Path2Acquisition solution coupled with a website tag in order to identify additional qualified prospects, maximize potential reach, and enhance the predictive strength of their modeled audience.

The client’s Path2Acquisition model integrated comprehensive transaction and behavioral variables with a substantial volume of site visitor data.


Positive ROI!

Over the course of multiple campaigns, the Path2Acquisition model has delivered a cumulative Response Rate Index of 104, aligning solidly with the client’s cost per acquisition target.

Each month, we generate a new, large prospecting campaign audience for the client, so they now have a unique, consistent source to support their growth goals.

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