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Why settle for third party aggregated data and “overlays” that only infer consumer behaviors? Our proprietary processes allow you to tap into the power of actual giving data and behavioral actions – digital and offline – that are updated weekly and reflect today’s multichannel donor.


Website visitor data can make all the difference.

Combining traditional donation behavior with powerful online actions creates a full picture of your audience. Check out this resource to learn how adding in new digital data sources can help you acquire younger, higher-value donors.

A laptop featuring an online donation web page for a nonprofit seeking to fundraise and acquire new donors.
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Fuel your mission with innovative, data-driven marketing solutions.

Say goodbye to the status quo of saturated lists and recycled names. Instead, uncover new donor opportunities using fresh data, fresh technology, and a fresh way of thinking.

Our unique approach empowers nonprofit marketing leaders to:

You’ll be pleased to hear, as I was, that Path2Response is trending as a top file in June. Got ahold of early returns yesterday!

International Welfare Mailer

We got some results from the first campaign we did with our Catholic mailer, and the Path2Response model segment 1 is doing better than most of the sources we used.

Nonprofit List Broker

Our mailers test results came back strong!

Politically Progressive Mailer

Why leading nonprofits consider us a trusted partner.

Privacy First

Path2Response is SOC - 2 certified and complies with applicable privacy laws and regulations.

Superior Scale

We combine cutting-edge modeling with robust donor data and powerful machine learning to deliver breakthrough results.

Custom Strategies

Our experts work hand-in-hand with you to deliver solutions that align with your KPIs.

How we help level up fundraising strategies.

Nonprofit Incorporated Connected TV
Nonprofit Incredible Growth Using A Multi-touch Approach for a Nonprofit by incorporating Connected TV Path2Response delivers 21% Lift to a Nonprofit by Adding Connected TV to their Direct Mail Outreach CHALLENGE Bolster direct mail A nonprofit client was looking to bolster their direct mail program with other channels of outreach including connected TV. Considering there […]
Political Campaign Claims Victory with Audience Expansion Breakthrough
Strategic audience expansion approach reveals large additional universe scale, enabling rapid rollout to mobilize voters and fund critical midterm election races.
Site Visitor Data Helps PAC Boost Both Response Rate & Average Gift
Focused on growth marketing efforts, our Path2Acquisition model provided exceptional results across multiple campaigns, including gains in both Response Rate and Average Gift.
Legal Rights Organization Increases New Donor Pool
Seeking help to build out their donor acquisition program, our precision-targeted test yields outstanding performance gains, unlocking significant new donor growth.
Humanitarian Aid Organization Expands Donor Pool
Custom-modeled donor audience delivers breakthrough performance and scale, enabling international nonprofit to support its global mission.
Health Advocacy Organization Gains New Source of Donors
Find a reliable donor source to engage. With audience expansion testing, identify new donors that deliver performance and substantial scale to feed ongoing prospecting efforts.
Amazing Growth for Faith-Based Mission
Nonprofit enjoys breakthrough new donor results in its first campaign using Path2Acquisition custom audience creation.
Fundraising Breakthrough for Global Health Support Organization
The Path2Response database includes robust donation and transaction histories for hundreds of millions of US consumers. Improve response rate with data-driven solutions.
Faith-Based Organization Grows Membership
Custom-modeled prospecting audience delivers exceptional new member growth and solid ROI. Reach responsive donors that fit the needs of your organization.
Faith-Based Org Rejoices in Growth Revealed by Audience Expansion Testing
Strategic audience expansion plan unlocks substantial new audience reach, fueling growth in donors and feeding the organization’s mission.
Major Nonprofit Boosts Giving and Response
The Path2Response database includes millions of individual donation records across nonprofit organizations. This massive dataset helps identify the optimal audience segments.
Mission Sustains Support Through Strategic Audience Expansion Testing
High-value, responsive donors identified by audience expansion testing plan over multiple campaigns, creating a scalable, sustainable universe.
Exceptional New Donor Growth for Women’s Health & Advocacy Group
Path2Acquisition leverages the full scope of multichannel donor behavior in our dataset of 100s of millions of US households to help you achieve acquisition goals.

The site tag worked! Combining web intent data with proven donor data yielded great results. We will be ramping up our use.

- Political Advocacy Executive

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