Campaigns For Political Publisher Bring Victory

Our Path2Acquisition model solution delivered exceptional performance, opening the doors for robust new subscriber growth.


Reach 10 million new subscribers in 3 months.

As one of the fastest growing independent publications in the US, this international, multilingual media company wanted to expand their readership even further.

They were looking to identify consumers with an affinity to specific political interests in order to fuel aggressive new subscriber growth goals.

With a target of reaching 10 million new subscribers within 3 months, we eagerly jumped into the challenge.


After consulting with the client to understand their aggressive goals, we recommended our Path2Acquisition solution in order to maximize qualified prospects and potential reach, and ultimately identify a substantial universe of untapped names. 

The client’s Path2Acquistion model optimized 1000s of scenarios into a single, powerful output identifying their ideal audience. We also implemented a depth test to assess the potential for an aggressive rollout.


Postitive ROI!

Path2Acquisition delivered a positive ROI for this client’s core audience and ideal target audience.

We’re working with the client to leverage audience expansion test results to enable a significant rollout and help them achieve their new subscriber goals.  

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