Active Footwear Retailer Steps Toward Measurable Revenue Growth

Path2Ignite increased customer engagement with precision targeting


Our client, a specialty footwear brand, relied heavily on its
catalog for customer acquisition. Their primary marketing
approach centered on mailing seasonal catalogs, but rising
costs associated with printing, paper, and postage made it
increasingly difficult to achieve the desired ROI.

While the client invested in email appends to bridge the gap, their marketing channels lacked a cohesive strategy to integrate their direct mail efforts. This limited their ability to create a seamless, omnichannel customer experience.


To address the client’s challenges and achieve their marketing goals, we recommended Path2Ignite performance driven direct mail. This solution provided several key benefits:




RR Index 397
$/pc Index 449


RR Index 304
$/pc Index 353

Results Summary

Our client successfully expanded their mailbox presence between catalog drops, ensuring more consistent engagement with existing and potential customers. In doing so, they experienced measurable growth in revenue and new-to-file customer acquisition directly attributed to the performance-driven data mail campaigns.
Our Path2Ignite solution led to the successful, long-term integration of performance-driven data mail into the client’s ongoing marketing mix. They have now tripled their performance-driven direct mail circulation, significantly increasing their ability to reach their target audience, and drive incremental growth.

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