Food Subscription Box Brand Enjoys Tasty Results

Successful test of custom-built audience sets the table for efficient new subscriber acquisition at scale.

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Achieve campaign success with proven audience source.

This international food and beverage subscription box brand provides world-class tasting experiences to its diverse customer base. Their data-centered service tailors each box to their customers’ preferences.

As a relative newcomer to the subscription box space, they’re in rapid growth mode, eagerly seeking proven sources that can help fuel new subscriber acquisition.

They approached Path2Response after hearing about our track record of success delivering breakthrough results for growing brands. Our team eagerly embraced the challenge to satisfy this client’s appetite for high-performing audiences at scale.


In our initial strategy session with the client, they focused on top priority goal: reaching unique target audiences that would deliver standout performance within the competitive subscription box market. This is actually the ideal scenario for our Path2Acquisition solution, which cycles through 1000s of iterations and billions of data points to create a wholly unique audience that’s custom-tailored to the client’s specific targets.

To execute the client’s initial test campaign, we configured the Path2Acquisition model to identify the client’s ideal response-ready prospects while also setting the table for maximum potential scale for a future rollout.


Delicious results!

Delicious results! The client’s test revealed a solid performance boost versus other audience sources, indicating that their custom-built Path2Acquisition model delivered unique, high-quality prospects. What’s more, the lift compared to the client’s holdout panel showed clear upside – that bodes well for a future rollout and ongoing usage at scale.

After this initial success, we’re working with the client to add our site tagging capability in order to leverage their website traffic and expand their target universe even further.


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