Intimate Apparel Brand Ignites Customer Loyalty and Creates Lifetime Lovers

Path2Ignite fueled a new marketing engine for sustainable growth and increased returns.


A well-established specialty retailer of women’s intimates, faced a dual challenge: escalating digital advertising costs were eroding their return on investment (ROAS), while they also sought innovative ways to drive incremental growth and boost customer lifetime value (LTV).
Despite an active presence across digital, social, and oƨine channels, including catalogs, the retailer found that rising costs on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, paid search, and display advertising were making it increasingly difficult to maintain an acceptable ROI.
They sought a partner who could help them:
  1. Diversify their marketing mix beyond digital channels to reduce reliance on increasingly expensive platforms.
  2. Acquire new customers cost-effectively while also driving repeat purchases from their existing customer base.
  3. Implement an innovative strategy that would deliver measurable results in both new customer acquisition and LTV growth.


The client’s challenges and goals presented an ideal opportunity to harness the power of P2Ignite, our unique solution that combines digital intent signals, robust modeling, and innovative direct mail capabilities.
Our strategic recommendation focused on two key areas:
  1. Incremental LTV from Existing Customers: We built P2Ignite audiences targeting both active and lapsed buyers, leveraging their past purchase behavior and recent online activity to deliver personalized direct mail offers that resonated with their individual preferences.
  2. Efficient Acquisition at Scale: We created high-quality, high-intent prospect audiences by tapping into our vast co-op dataset and our unique ability to capture real-time digital intent signals. This enabled us to reach potential customers who were actively showing interest in the client’s products, leading to more efficient acquisition efforts and improved ROI.




3x ROAS for Active
and Lapsed buyers


RR Index 333
2.2x ROAS

Results Summary

By leveraging our proprietary modeling platform and incorporating a wealth of data, the client unlocked a whole new channel to drive incremental growth and profitability, seamlessly integrating Performance Driven Direct Mail (PDDM) with their other active marketing touchpoints. Due to the success of this approach, the client has committed to PDDM as an ongoing, integral part of their overall marketing strategy.

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