Multichannel Retail

Unique Audiences Lead to Holiday Season Success

Gift-focused retailer targets custom-built audiences to drive new buyer growth at scale.


Drive steady growth in new purchasers.

Sustaining  growth means being top-of-mind to loyal customers when they are giving and receiving gifts. For this retailer, driving a steady volume of new customers to the brand throughout the year is an ongoing challenge.

This premium gift-giving based catalog has millions in annual circulation, and direct mail is a key source for new customer acquisition. With direct mail as an integral part of their marketing mix, the client was seeking increased exposure of their unique merchandise offering to highly qualified prospects, and thereby fuel profitable sales growth.


Understanding the need for continued brand exposure, our team recommended Path2Acquisition as a solution to the client, along with a website tag to help identify their recent site visitors. 

The goal was to maximize the potential prospect universe for building the client’s customized model.


Postitive ROI!

By integrating comprehensive transaction and behavioral variables with a substantial volume of site visit data, the client’s model identified a truly unique and sizable prospect audience, tailored to their new customer growth targets. 

The client successfully increased circulation for their key holiday campaign season due to the solid performance of their Path2Acquisition-modeled audience.

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