Happy adult man at home in kitchen checking direct mail marketing offer sent to his house.

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Direct mail is a form of advertising in which physical mail pieces (letters, postcards, brochures, catalogs, etc.) are sent directly to potential customers. It’s a form of outbound marketing that allows brands and businesses to reach a large audience and personalize their messages to target specific demographics.

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A woman uses a whiteboard to outline a strategy to reach multi-channel consumers across mobile devices and direct mail.

Direct Marketing vs Database Marketing

Direct marketing and database marketing are two distinct marketing strategies that brands, companies, and nonprofit organizations use to reach potential customers to promote their products or services. Continue reading to learn about the similarities and differences of these two marketing strategies.

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Woman shopping online for a purse indicating that she is in market to purchase retail goods

What is Behavioral Marketing?

Behavioral marketing is a type of marketing that uses consumer data and behavior to create personalized and targeted audiences. The practice of serving targeted ads or content based on a user’s past actions and behaviors is what makes this type of marketing most successful.

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direct mail marketing

Using Direct Mail to Acquire New Customers

Direct mail marketing is highly targeted and personal, however, the strategy is often overlooked when it comes to audience expansion. If you have website visitors that seem to be valuable prospects that aren’t converting, direct mail is a great way to retarget these customers.

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