NONprofit - Women's Health Advocacy

Exceptional New Donor Growth for Women’s Health & Advocacy Group

Path2Acquisition solution delivers superior performance and scale over multiple campaigns.


Solid response rate and increased average gift.

As an international powerhouse supporting women’s rights and providing essential health services, our client has a highly diversified marketing portfolio which includes a dynamic mix of digital and offline donor acquisition channels.

Because of the client’s substantial new donor growth goals, they were looking for an audience source that could provide maximum scale .


Given the client’s aggressive growth targets, we strongly recommended our Path2Acquisition solution, which leverages the full scope of multichannel donor behavior in our dataset of 100s of millions of US households. Its predictive power and our comprehensive donor data provided confidence in achieving performance at scale.

We suggested a straightforward test and rollout plan – including strategic audience expansion testing – which enabled the client to read early results and scale up quickly.


Postitive ROI!

Path2Acquisition delivered a positive ROI for this client’s core audience and ideal target audience.

We’re working with the client to leverage audience expansion test results to enable a significant rollout and help them achieve their new subscriber goals.  

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