Amazing Growth for Faith-Based Mission

Nonprofit enjoys breakthrough new donor results in its first campaign using Path2Acquisition audience.


Expand donor pool by tapping into new outreach sources.

An international  faith-based organization with a focus on supporting educational and spiritual programs for young people needed to grow in order to best serve their mission.

Given their established marketing mix, they needed to identify an incremental source that would outperform current prospecting audiences.


We proposed our Path2Acquisition solution to help the client fully benefit from our wide-reaching database of individual-level donation and behavioral variables and optimize the predictive power of their model.

Furthermore, we provided a roadmap to test into various depths of the model and set the foundation for the client to easily expand their reach to additional qualified segments.


Postitive ROI!

The initial test yielded outstanding results! The client is proceeding into deeper segments of the model in order to reach even more new donors in the future.

  • Response Rate Index: 205
  • Income per Piece Index: 132

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