Holiday Season Sparkles for Boutique Jewelry Brand

Robust data and powerful, brand-specific modeled audience deliver gift-wrapped performance.


Customer acquisition with profitable growth.

Our client, an emerging boutique jewelry brand, attracts a passionate base of core customers. 

In their niche market, it’s an ongoing challenge to identify unique audiences for prospecting that can deliver new customer growth profitably.

They came to Path2Response looking to accelerate growth through enhanced customer acquisition strategies.


After initial analysis, we determined that the transactional data in the client’s small but highly engaged customer base was a solid foundation for modeling with our Path2Acquisition solution.

In order to further expand potential reach of their prospect audience, we helped the client install a website tag. We integrated the online behavior signals from the tag with hundreds of other individual-level variables to enhance the strength of the client’s model.


Benchmarks exceeded!

The client’s audience, custom-built using our Path2Acquisition modeling platform, outperformed all other sources in the client’s Holiday 2 campaign. Results far exceeded the client’s target benchmarks for response and ROI.

Going forward, we’re excited to continue providing this client with unique, profitable audiences to fuel their new customer growth strategies.

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