What is Behavioral Marketing?

Behavioral marketing is a type of marketing that uses consumer data and behavior to create personalized and targeted audiences. The practice of serving targeted ads or content based on a user’s past actions and behaviors is what makes this type of marketing most successful. The reason is that if ads are more relevant to the user, there’s a higher chance they will react in a positive way and proceed to buy a service or a product.

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How is Behavioral Data Collected?

Behavioral data can be collected through various methods like website visitor data, cookies, and mobile device tracking. This data is then analyzed to understand consumer behavior, such as how often they visit a website, what products they view, and how they engage with brands and organizations through purchase and donation behavior.

How is Behavioral Data Used in Marketing?

As data is collected and analyzed, marketers can use it to create targeted campaigns. For example, if a consumer has shown an interest in a particular product, organizations might include them in a direct mail or a digital campaign for specific product types or offers. Similarly, if a consumer has abandoned a shopping cart, an email can be sent to remind them or offer a discount to encourage them to complete their purchase.

In instances where a consumer only provides an email address, marketers can append a postal address and execute a multi-channel campaign. Anonymous email addresses turn into real people you can reach across different channels. Path2Contact’s proprietary ranking tailors your audience based on real-world direct response activity.

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Behavioral Marketing Segmentation

Behavioral marketing is commonly used for segmentation, the process of grouping consumers based on their behaviors and characteristics. By segmenting target audiences, marketers can create more effective campaigns that resonate with specific groups of people.

With increased use in mobile marketing, consumer behavior across devices and on apps is gathered on geographic location and time in use. This data can then be used to create specific location-based campaigns or push notifications to encourage consumers to take a specific action and maximize a return on investment.

Real-life behavior combined with demographic and geographical information creates a more complete picture of the consumer and helps brands launch targeted campaigns that result in increased response and revenue.

Behavioral Email Marketing

Behavioral marketing is also used in email marketing. Through this channel, consumers can be tracked by how they interact with marketing emails, such as which emails they open, which links are clicked, and whether they interact with a brand and actually make a purchase. This data is then used to create more effective email campaigns in the future.

Path2Response deploys audiences ready to receive personalized and targeted marketing campaigns for online and offline execution. This understanding of how consumers behave benefits our direct-to-consumer, multichannel merchants, and nonprofit clients. Our proprietary behavioral modeling approach tailors audiences to meet the needs of each client, resulting in increased customer conversions and boosted revenue.

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