Using Data to Find the Donors You Didn't Know You Needed

As a nonprofit direct mail marketer, you understand the importance of reaching the right audience. But with traditional targeting methods, you might be missing out on passionate supporters who do not fit your typical donor profile. That’s where data-driven audience targeting revolutionizes fundraising.


Donors in the Shadows

Relying solely on basic demographics, past giving, and limited interest targeting can leave you with untapped potential. You could overlook those who deeply care about your cause but haven’t engaged with your organization yet.
This is where Path2Response and cooperative databases transform your approach. We analyze vast amounts of data, going far beyond surface-level information to uncover hidden donor segments based on real-world behaviors, purchase patterns, and demonstrated interests.


Building Custom Audiences

Path2Response meticulously analyzes this data to pinpoint these ideal audiences. We create custom lists tailored to your specific cause, giving you direct access to the donors you might have missed.



Stronger Fundraising

The benefits of this data-driven approach are clear:

Beyond the Basics

Data-driven audience targeting isn’t just about finding more donors; it’s about finding the best donors. With Path2Response, you’ll discover hidden gems—supporters not yet on your radar but ready to open their hearts and wallets to your cause.
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