Path2Response Tag Preserver for Checkout Extensibility

Path2Response Tag Preserver for Checkout Extensibility

Seamlessly Capture Client Data even with Shopify's New Checkout Update

Shopify is Changing! What You Need to Do Today

Shopify Checkout Extensibility is a game-changer, but it poses a potential challenge for Path2Response clients. Without intervention, the ability to track website visitor data with Path2Response tags could be disrupted.

Our app is your solution. We bridge the gap between Path2Response’s robust tagging system and Shopify’s new checkout, ensuring you don’t miss a beat when it comes to capturing critical visitor information.

Key Benefits

How It Works


Add our app to your Shopify store with just a few clicks. Takes 60-90 seconds! 


Our app automatically detects your Path2Response tags and optimizes them for the new checkout.


Continue using your Path2Response tags seamlessly, receiving the same valuable client data as before.


This app prepares you for future Shopify updates coming August 2025.

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