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What is a data cooperative?

A database cooperative is a type of organization giving individuals control over the data they share. Companies and organizations often contribute information to audience providers in return for aggregate information to use in direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, display, social, and CTV.

How is cooperative marketing different from buying a mail list?

Database marketing lists are modeled based on actual consumer behavior. Mail lists are based on predetermined pre-determined selection criteria. Cooperative audiences consistently outperform traditional mail lists.

How do you gather consumer information?

Data is voluntarily shared data by individual members.

Is my data private/secure?

Yes. We make every effort to ensure all consumer data stays secure and comply with consumer privacy policies on both the federal and state levels as new legislation passes. Our Privacy Policy and Consumer Privacy approach are available to consumers on our website.

If I participate in the coop and contribute customer/donor information, are my unique names protected?

Yes. Names and addresses in our database are included in order fulfillments when they match an existing, additional record.

Can I opt out of the cooperative?

Yes. Opting out is easy. Simply submit an opt-out form and we will remove you from our database.

Does Path2Response use behavioral marketing?

Yes. We create target audiences based on actual buying behaviors, intent data, interests, and other key variables.

What industries do you serve?

Path2Response works with agencies, brands, and nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Some of the verticals we serve include direct-to-consumer brands, multichannel retailers, catalogers, publishers, financial institutions, insurance, travel, home services, political organizations and committees, faith-based missions, humanitarian organizations, international relief organizations, health organizations, museums and cultural arts organizations, advocacy organizations, and subscription box offers.

How do you ensure my audience includes the right prospects?

All our audiences are custom-built based on existing customer profiles in our database. 

What is the turnaround time for audience delivery?

Typical turn-around time is 1–3 days after an initial test.

Do you offer online audiences?

Yes, all our models can be used for both online (digital such as social, PPC, display, CTV, and email marketing) and offline (print) marketing efforts.

Do you offer email lists for campaigns?

No. Our reverse email append solution matched contributed email addresses to existing records in our database, however, email addresses are not a part of our audience offering at this time. Email addresses are not a part of our audience offering at this time. Contributed emails are used for data matching purposes only and are not opted in email addresses.

What is site tagging?

Website tagging is a simple piece of code added to your website. It is invisible to site visitors, and does not impact your site performance. The website tag helps us match your site visitors to individuals in the ever-expanding Path2Response database. Our team then enhances your audience model with site visitor data to deliver your ideal prospect universe.

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