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Path2Contact, our reverse email append solution, begins with an anonymous email address and delivers a real person, with actual buying behavior. Unlike other REA solutions, Path2Contact uses a proprietary scoring model to rank each consumer based on real-world direct response activity. It’s time to improve targeting and unlock opportunities with your highest scoring audience.

Offer valid through December 31, 2022.

Data Enhancement

Quickly enrich your consumer files.

Turn anonymous email addresses into real people you can reach across channels. Our proprietary ranking tailors your audience based on real-world direct response activity.

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A happy, diverse, multi-cultural family including a mother, father, and young baby enjoying life.

Start with an email. End with a full view.

With reverse email append, we fill in your data gaps. It’s easy. Send us your “orphaned emails” – the one where you have no name or postal address.

We’ll match them against our massive database to provide full contact data, along with our proprietary response rankings. The outcome: An optimized file of real people ready for personalized marketing.

Go deeper with your audience.

Emails alone aren’t enough. Reverse email append enables you to unlock multichannel contact options and fuel growth.

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

Go Multichannel

With a complete consumer profile, you can reach each person across online channels as well as in the mail.

Segment Smarter

Once a mystery email becomes a real person with a response ranking, you can deploy personalized marketing to your most valuable customers and prospects.

Drive Revenue

Use our response rankings to identify an audience of buyers most likely to engage with your brand or organization.

Transform mystery emails
into real marketable people.

Say goodbye to mystery emails.

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Achieve breakthrough results to thrill your clients.

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