Legal Rights Organization Increases New Donor Pool

Precision-targeted test yields outstanding performance gains, unlocking significant new donor growth.


Drive substantial new donor growth to forward their mission.

A progressive organization with a focus on upholding individual rights, liberties, and equality was in need of a trusted source to help build out their acquisition program and cultivate new donors.

The organization drives its mission through 1,400 plus annual events, as well as robust online and offline member platforms. Supporting these diverse initiatives requires a consistent influx of new donors. 


After consulting with the client, we outlined a testing strategy using our Path2Acquisition solution. Drawing upon our huge dataset with 100s of millions of individual donations and behavior signals, we created a customized model to specifically identify a prospect audience aligned with the client’s ideal donor profile and performance targets.

We reviewed the model scoring output with the client to determine an ideal testing selection that would provide useful results and set the table for potential rollout.


Campaign success!

The client was thrilled with the initial results revealing huge performance gains in both response and income per piece!

The initial test opened the door for substantial additional scale, enabling the client to reach an even larger audience of potential new donors.

Moreover, the client’s Path2Acquisition-modeled audience was a standout new donor source compared to others, with:

  • 196 Response Rate Index
  • 175 Income Per Piece Mailed Index

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