nonprofit - Health Advocacy

Health Advocacy Organization Gains New Source of Donors

Path2Acquisition model solution delivered performance, scale, and many new donors.


Find a reliable donor source to engage.

With a wide-ranging mission that spans  research, education, and proactive intervention programs, this prominent health advocacy organization continually seeks strategies to grow its new donor volume.

Their goal in working with our team was to find a reliable source of new donors that could deliver solid performance along with substantial scale to feed ongoing prospecting efforts.


Based on the client’s goals and our initial consultative sessions with them, we recommended our Path2Acquisition solution. It takes into account the full scope of donation history and behavioral signals available in our modeling environment. We customized the modeling configuration in order to identify the client’s ultimate prospecting audience aligned with their goals.

Along with the client’s custom-modeled audience, we built a strategic testing plan to provide baseline performance as well as additional depth potential.


Mission accomplished!

The model and testing strategy delivered breakthrough results! The client is rolling out to the already-proven model universe and is eager to build even more scale with additional audience expansion testing based on their outstanding outcome:

  • Top segment Income Per Piece Mailed Index: 195
  • Depth test segment Income Per Piece Mailed Index: 168

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