Privacy Approach

DATA Privacy

Our clear and ethical approach.

Our policy is straightforward: we source data ethically; adhering to to all regulations and best practices. As a consumer, if you don’t want to be included in our database, you can easily opt out.

Why am I in the database?

We take a transparent approach to how we develop our consumer and business marketing data solutions. Our mission is to help companies reach consumers who are interested in their products or services. To do that, we maintain a cooperative database where members contribute customer information. They commit to abiding by all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines.

We also obtain data from public data sources such as census data, telephone directories, assessor information and from other information providers who had permission to share data, such as surveys, questionnaires and site usage information. These sources are required to provide appropriate consumer notice and choice.  


Targeted Marketing = Relevant Ads & Offers

Save money by receiving
a special offer.
Enjoy a personalized brand experience.
Discover new
products you’ll love.

Control your data.

If you want to know what personal data we have about you, or if you decide that you are no longer interested in receiving direct marketing from our customers and you want to opt-out or be deleted from our database, you can submit a request through our Consumer Rights Portal or call (888) 914-9661, PIN 625484. 

We’re dedicated to ethical data.

Path2Response is SOC – 2 certified, complies with applicable privacy laws and regulations, and is passionate about ethical data practices. Read our full privacy policy for more information about how carefully we protect consumer privacy and ensure our brand partners remain in compliance with consumer protection regulations.

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