How Media Agencies Use Data to Shape Brands, Not Just Advertise Them

Remember when media agencies focused solely on executing campaigns based on pre-defined target personas? Those days are fading fast. Armed with advanced data analysis skills, modern media agencies are uncovering hidden insights that are not only reshaping audience targeting but also influencing product strategy and broadening their influence on brands.
BEYOND EXECUTION How Media Agencies Use Data to Shape Brands, Not Just Advertise Them
Gone are the days of relying solely on demographics and basic surveys, and even compiled lists. Agencies like Left Off Madison, mentioned in the Adweek article, now go beyond client-provided information, diving deep into data lakes with well-known tools like MRI-Simmons to unearth unexpected audience segments. This skepticism towards pre-defined personas stems from the harsh reality that sometimes brands get their target audience wrong. As the HubSpot survey in the article highlights, only 42% of brand marketers know their audience’s basic demographics.

How are agencies using data to change the game?

Here are a few key ways:
Data analysis and modeling can reveal previously unknown customer segments with unique needs and preferences. These “hidden gems” might not fit the traditional target persona, but they could represent a lucrative new market for brands. Models will take the guesswork out of identifying ideal customer profiles.
Agencies can refine and redefine target personas by analyzing actual customer transactional behavior instead of relying on assumptions. This leads to more targeted campaigns for an interested audience.
With deeper insights into customer needs and preferences, agencies can advise brands on product features, messaging, and pricing strategies. This data-driven approach can lead to products that resonate better with target audiences and drive sales.
Agencies are no longer just seen as “ad executors.” They become trusted partners by providing valuable data insights and strategic recommendations, influencing brands across their marketing and business strategies.
This evolution doesn’t negate the importance of understanding core audiences. However, it highlights the immense value media agencies can offer by delving deeper, uncovering hidden truths, and shaping brand strategies, not just advertising campaigns.

What does this mean for brands?

By embracing this data-driven approach, brands, media agencies, and partners can work together to achieve greater marketing success, develop products that resonate with real customers, and ultimately build stronger, more meaningful brand relationships.

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