Humanitarian Aid Organization Expands Donor Pool

Custom-modeled donor audience delivers breakthrough performance and scale, enabling international nonprofit to support its global mission.


Increase monthly recurring donation pledges.

With a presence in nearly 100 countries, this aid organization provides immediate relief and long-term support for children, families, and communities as they recover and rebuild from disasters and humanitarian crises.

The primary funding for their mission consists of a monthly recurring donation pledge for children that provides access to clean water, education, healthcare and more.

As the Covid-19 pandemic became a prolonged circumstance, the need for additional funding rose in priority. Path2Response was charged with curating an audience for an impromptu campaign outside their normal monthly sponsorship program.


Understanding the client’s need for rapid increased funding, we recommended our Path2Acquisition solution. We modeled a prospect audience of proven donors from our massive dataset based on previous giving to similar causes and behavioral signals that align with their current patron base. 

As part of their solution, we performed depth testing to evaluate the potential for the client to efficiently rollout to an even larger universe of potential donors.


Postitive ROI!

The Path2Acquisition modeled audience significantly outperformed other audiences in the campaign.

These strong results have enabled the client to proceed confidently with increased investment in our solution, including expanded circulation and further audience expansion testing. 

Major breakthroughs in performance directly fuel the client’s fundraising goals and support their important global mission. 

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