For years, we have been watching companies pay lip service to the idea of truly combining and applying online and offline data for marketing purposes. The offline data is powerful but scarce and the online data is plentiful but largely untapped. Only by harnessing the latest technology and expertise can these data be optimized for marketing purposes. Path2Response starts with a clean slate and will be a true innovator in this space.

Tony White

Founder of Abacus, Chairman of the Board at Path2Response

Path2Response uses web intent data combined with traditional purchase history to acquire new customers.

In the past year, Ashley and Sarah have both purchased shoes from multiple brands. To a traditional co-op, Ashley and Sarah would look the same. At Path2Response we identify that Ashley is browsing shoe sites. Knowing that she is browsing relevant sites and is an active buyer makes her a better prospect.

What domains are relevant to your customers?

Path2Response works with our clients to build a portfolio of relevant websites and underpins the browsing interests of potential customers with co-op purchase data.

When was the last time you were offered something truly new?

At Path2Response we are always testing hypotheses and implementing new solutions to improve response for our client-partners. We believe in continuous learning and strategic engagement.

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It’s easy to partner with us! Start supercharging your results now!


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