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Interview with Mary Gessner

Mary Gessner previously led Path2Response’s Data Science team, ceaselessly exploring how the combination of online and offline consumer behavior improves marketers’ campaigns. She thrives in this world of BIG data having previously been part of coops in their earliest days. Mary held senior roles at Epsilon Targeting (formerly Abacus), Datalogix and Return Path. She knows BIG data from the digital marketing world too. She previously led the Analytics team at Return Path, leveraging her statistical know-how to optimize mailers’ digital marketing campaigns. She loves uncovering patterns in data and sharing those with marketers to improve both short, and long-term, strategies.

Mary Gessner, VP Data Science at Path2Response

“We’re getting better results… 3 times faster than I’ve seen in the past, and we’re innovating 3 times as fast (I’m in awe of our engineering team). It’s a breath of fresh air in the cooperative industry.”

Mary Gessner, former VP of Data Science

Mary, how is Path2Response getting better list performance for our clients?

“We’re able to do with the trio of:


  • browsing data
  • reliance on machine learning techniques
  • decades of industry know-how



In a cooperative environment, more transaction data ceases to add value once there are a large number of contributing members. However, different data about a different type of consumer behavior is really enlightening. That’s what browse data brings to Path2Response. Browse data is also BIG data, which means we have to rely on machine learning techniques to extract meaning from it. For the Data Science team, that’s the cherry on top.”

If there was one thing you could tell a prospective client about Path2Response, what would it be?

“It’s just the beginning! On the tech side of the business, we’ve taken great care to lay a foundation that makes innovation possible. There’s nothing more irritating for data scientists than seeing valuable ideas and potential opportunities squashed because a system is too rigid. We’ve got a full line-up of ideas of our own and welcome ideas from our clients. Regardless of where the ideas originate, we’re staged to explore them.”

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