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Christmas In July: Time to Prep for your Holidays Mailings  

Preparing for the massive holiday sales bonanza probably isn’t at the top of your mind as you prep for your summer BBQ and watch the fireworks this Fourth of July, but since many people start their holiday shopping in early fall, it’s time to think about your mailings, and your overall direct mail strategy.  The earlier you start planning for the holidays, the better!

Where to Start

You already know all about your best customers’ demographics, psychographics, and buying behavior. But are your mailing lists targeting them correctly? Working with a data cooperative can help you narrow your existing lists and identify the most important criteria. Then you can use your new findings to your benefit to get a higher return on investment. Not only can you expand your universes with more qualified prospects who are ready to buy, but also enable you to create the right messaging (to approach your prospect with the right offer at the right time), to close the sale faster. So as you begin planning your holiday campaigns, use these three tips to get the biggest return on your direct mailing campaigns:

Test Your Lists NOW

It’s essential to test new lists now because it will give you extra time to decipher what prospects are worth your focus, and which ones aren’t. You have several months to test and refine your segmentation and accumulate your qualified prospects. So, plan ahead and you’ll be able to ramp up more quickly and effectively for your holiday catalogs. (By the time you’re submitting list orders for your holiday catalogs, you’ll already have results and data to inform your selections.) With tests and expansion strategy already in place, you can focus on targeting with better messaging or other creative tests to get better response rates for your promotions. Instead of eliminating a huge group of people just before the holiday season begins, you’ll know you’re going into the season with the best lists available to respond to your offers.

Test New Offers

From minor adjustments to major campaign overhauls, testing new offers and making changes to your creative helps you hone in on the best messaging and offers so you’re not caught off guard once the shopping season begins. After doing some initial list testing, you may discover the message you’re sending to your audience isn’t generating the response you hoped. There may be many reasons for a lower-than-expected response rate, and it could even be as simple as the language and phrasing you use, and with some simple changes you may alter responses drastically. For instance, how you describe a specific discount may alter the reader’s understanding of your sale. Saying “5% Off” might not work as well as being saying “$10 Off,” even if it’s the same value.

Expand Your Direct Mail Marketing Universe

Starting to test your strategies now will allow you time to expand your mailing universe exponentially. Working with Path2Response, you don’t just get more data and more names for your universe, you get better, more valuable data that’s different from your traditional sources of data. Each name you acquire comes from the specific demographic, psychographic, and behavioral criteria that you provide to us, so you’ll get far more qualified prospects who are interested in you and your product. You’ll soon find yourself creating huge lists of people you never thought you’d be able to reach.

Partnering with Path2Response and testing your direct mail lists, expanding your universes with qualified customers, and testing your offers will keep you one step ahead of the competition so you can have your best holiday season yet.

Path2Response | Direct Mail Christmas Campaign | Lindsay Hart

LINDSAY NAYER HART | Vice President of Marketing

Lindsay is a data-driven marketing executive with 15 years of leadership experience in start-up and high-growth companies. As Vice President of Marketing, Lindsay leads the strategic direction of Path2Response’s marketing functions, including positioning, brand awareness, product marketing, and demand generation. Before joining Path2Response, she held senior Marketing roles at RegOnline, the Active Network and most recently at Return Path. Lindsay started her career as an instructor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, after completing her B.S. and M.A. degrees in Journalism.